Aug 31, 2008

for the fashionista in you.

These slouchy berets seem to be popping up on celebrity and fashionista alike, and I have to admit that I do like the style. I had some extra cotton yarn lying around in a wonderful brick red color and decided to try my hand at crocheting a fashionable beret of my own. 

I am quite fond of how it has come out. It's a wonderful bright color for fall and winter and since it is 100% cotton it is soft with a nice amount of stretch to fit on your head. 
But I'm not keeping this fun beret for myself, so it's available now in my shop! It makes the perfect, stylish addition to any wardrobe for this fall. You can even jazz it up and make it unique by adding a fun pin. Hopefully I'll have the time to make a couple more of these. If there's a color you'd love to see drop me a note. 

3 shared a thought:

Anonymous said...

Oh I like it! :) I have seen this quite a bit, I love the look! Nicely done! :)

Waterrose said...

Cute hat...too bad hats no matter how cute look awful on me! LOL

Tracy said...

LOVE it!! The color is fantastic--great for fall! I like glad they're back in fashion again! Off to the US tomorrow--hooray! Hope to post while there...Until soon ((HUGS))