Sep 28, 2008

the state fair of texas.

Andy and I just got home from a weekend in Dallas visiting his parents. 

We took a trip to the Texas State Fair today before we headed home since neither of us had ever been before. It was an experience. It's in Fair Park which was built for the World Fair a long time ago. It's also home to the Cotton Bowl which I was lucky enough to go to a couple of years ago. 
We didn't get to do much, but did visit some of the little museums located in Fair Park like the Aquarium and the Museum of the State. I wish we could've ridden the ferris wheel but the line was a bit too long. I did get some salt water taffy before we left, though, which I have a definite weakness for and you don't find it very often down here in Texas.
Overall it was a fun weekend, but it's time to get back to school.

Sep 21, 2008

busy bee.

School has really begun to pick up with lots of tests and projects taking up most of my time. On top of that I have all the preparations I've been doing to get ready for graduate school including essays, applications, letters of reference - all that fun, inconvenient things that take up way too much time.

I've got my schools narrowed down to four. 3 in California including UC San Diego (Scripps Institute of Oceanography) and one school in North Carolina that I am applying to because one of their faculty researches exactly what I've been wanting to research for years now - whales and dolphins. I think the applications are almost prepared and ready to be submitted which is very exciting. I still have to take one final GRE exam. I have one shot to do well, but it's not until November so I still have tons of time to prepare.
Sadly, though, all this busy work has taken a toll on slipper making (just in time for the Christmas rush). I'm simply renewing items that are already available in the shop to keep myself visible. I try to crochet whenever I can find a spare moment, but those are few and far between and most of the time I probably should be doing something else anyway. Like right now... I probably should be sleeping. 
I suppose that's my signal to get to bed. Hope everyone's week is lovely and cool.

Sep 18, 2008

color burst


Some great new slippers have been added to the etsy shop recently including these three pairs. They include some old favorites and some brand new colors and patterns. You can see these as well as all my other mary janes by visiting

Sep 13, 2008

here comes the sun.

I survived the hurricane! It didn't turn out too badly, after all. It just rained most of the day today and was pretty windy, but we just stayed inside and watched it all from the comfort of the sofa. We only lost power for an hour or so - not too bad for our first hurricane. As soon as the sun peaked out from behind the clouds we decided to get out for a little bit before the sun set. Most places were closed up for the day, but it was still nice to just be out of the house. 

I wish I could've spent the day crafting, but sadly school has caught up with me and I had a bit of studying to get done for some exams coming up next week. I have had time to get a couple pairs of slippers made up in the meantime including the one pictured to the left - Chunky Monkey mary janes. I had another pair of these for sale earlier in the summer and they seemed popular, so I used up the left over yarn to make up another pair. They are available in the etsy shop along with all my other great mary janes. 
I hope everyone else who had to go through the hurricane are alright. Things down in Houston and Galveston look messy, but no deaths reported so far. Since I lived down in Galveston for a year for school I am definitely hoping everyone at A&M Galveston are alright and made it out of the storm safely. 

Sep 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike seems bent on heading my way this weekend. Classes tomorrow have been cancelled and I'm looking into what the plan is at work, also. Andy and I had planned to head to Dallas this weekend to celebrate his mom's birthday with the rest of his family, but I'm not sure how Ike will influence these plans. Many parts of the Gulf Coast south of us have been issued evacuation orders which will definitely influence traffic and then there is the weather itself. We're supposed to get tropical storm force winds tomorrow evening and loads of rain through Sunday - not ideal traveling weather.

Anyway, with this storm I'm afraid some shop related things may be put on hold. I usually don't ship on weekends, but if the weather doesn't improve over the weekend shipping could be delayed into next week. Also, I may not be around much on the internet so if anyone needs to contact me the best way is through email (endlessxhorizon AT gmail DOT com) or by etsy conversations. Foto Friday and Theme of the Week may also be postponed until next week. 
We'll do our best to stay safe and dry and I'll try to keep everyone updated as I get the time. Keep the Gulf in your thoughts and prayers! 

Sep 10, 2008

how much is that bunny in the window?

People have been requesting my bunny slippers left and right lately. It seems like I've been running back and forth to the hobby store to get some more grey yarn. Since people seem to be quite taken with them I was trying to come up with some other fun color combinations I could make them with besides the grey, but I need some feedback. What do you think about pink and light grey? Or purple? What colors have you always wanted to see a pair of bunny slippers? Or is there another fun animal you'd love to see? I'm up for any and all suggestions!

Sep 8, 2008

bright & colorful.

School work hasn't kept me from crafting this week and I've definitely been inspired by some of the bright, fun colors I've seen around me in flowers, the sky, and even some yummy snacks. All of this inspiration has led to some great new slippers being added to the shop in the past couple of days. This fun, food-inspired pair was added just tonight - Dark Chocolate Mint mary janes! Who doesn't love indulging in decadent chocolate with a hint of mint? Well, now you can without the calories! Well maybe they aren't as tasty as that treat, but they are a treat for your feet!
This beautiful pair is simple but still colorful and of course comfy and warm. This beautiful, bright blue caught my eye at the hobby store and I couldn't help myself from indulging. I'm not a big fan of the color blue, but the color has won me over with this wonderful shade. These great Peacock Blue mary janes can be found in the shop here.   
Both of these great new slippers are available now in the etsy store. And don't forget all the other mary jane slippers available in the shop alongside these. 

Sep 7, 2008

Theme of the Week: VEGETABLES

The theme of the week for September 7-13th: Vegetables.

Etsy Buy Handmade brokenhallelujah
It's starting to look and feel like fall (finally) which means lots of yummy veggies are ready to be plucked and eaten. I decided to look through the vegetable offerings on etsy and pick out a few of my favorites. Be sure you head over and get your daily dose of all these yummy veggies!!
The theme of the week next week will be Red. Be sure to leave a note about any great red items you have in your shop and check back next week to see if you'll be featured. 

Sep 5, 2008

foto friday - September 5, 2008

For Foto Friday this week I decided to use this shot of a cotton blossom with some cotton fiber I took this afternoon. Most of my week this week has been spent out in the cotton fields picking the cotton for work. It is definitely not one of my favorite things to do let alone when it's 90+ degrees outside and you are out there for hours on end. But sometimes you do come across some fun critters out there in the fields such as a beautiful butterfly I saw today, but he didn't want to sit still for a picture. Plus, I think this picture is actually pretty, even though it doesn't soothe the pain of the sunburn I have on the back of my neck - ouch. 

Sep 2, 2008

fun & new

Just one pair of the fun new slippers that have been added to the shop in the past couple of days. These and many more are available in the etsy shop and there's lots of fun new colors being added all the time.  I was thrilled today to see that someone had taken a tab from one of the flyers I had posted around campus for my etsy store. I am currently scooping out some other places to put fliers, but I'm just happy that they seem to be working. I made up the flyers to have removable tabs with my store name and URL to make it easy for people to find me. I don't think I've received a sale from it yet, but I'm getting noticed and that's the first step!