Mar 29, 2007

good things come in small packages.

Today I just got the urge to crochet, but I wanted something just super quick to whip up and super satisfying, and I came up with these little heart appliques. I'm selling them for $.50 each in different lots. There's the rainbow set and the flirty fun sweetheart set. They'd be great additions to hair barrettes, headbands, clothes, handbags, pouches, pretty much anything! Even slippers, which you can now create yourself using my hand written mary jane slipper pattern! The pattern has been selling so well that I went ahead and wrote up another pattern from my amigurumi bear with froggy hat. You can find the pattern for the little guy here.

Mar 28, 2007

the life of a student. pt 1

School is driving me crazy! It's so stressful right now - it just feels like I'm being pulled in every direction with day trips, projects, tests piled on tests, lab reports and practicals, and what seems like miles and miles of taxonmy to memorize. Such is the life of a junior marine biology student trying to run her own business I suppose. I spent all of last Saturday wading through freezing fresh and salt water habitats trying to net and identify fish. It was so much fun, but completely exhausting and pretty much knocked me out for the entire weekend, plus ruined my super sexy slipper modeling legs.

That's pretty much the only shot I could manage to get that didn't show a scrap or scratch. It's also the first pair of slippers I've listed for awhile because of lack of time and lack of sales (which leads to lack of inspiration). I'm very excited about this weekend, though. I get to head to Dallas and see my boyfriend's new puppy and get to forget about all the stress for just a little bit. And if anyone needs to know fish taxonomy, I'm your gal over the next couple of weeks. ;)

sharing my knowledge.

I was asked if I would ever think about selling the pattern to my beloved mary jane slippers and I thought, what the heck, why not? So now available in my etsy shop is a mary jane slippers PDF pattern. I'm selling it for only $3 (with no shipping!) and I'll email within 24 hours of recieved payment. It's the first pattern I've ever written, but I think it's definitely a good one. So we'll see how it goes.

Mar 26, 2007

summer lovin.

Click the picture for more information on headbands available at Broken Hallelujah Accessories.
These headbands and more are now listed in my etsy store for only $5-$6 plus shipping. A great new accessory for spring, headbands add flair and style to any outfit while being a cute functional way to keep hair out of your eyes! Plus, if you buy handmade you'll find patterns and styles not offered in any store and quality to match. I've ordered more headband bases so there will be more patterns and styles coming soon. I am so in love with the warm weather that has finally arrived. But I still love walking around in my favorite pair of mary jane slippers. My feet get so cold at night and I just can't sleep when I'm cold, so these slippers are life savers. Plus, they are great and easy to slip on when I'm running outside to get something out of the car quickly. If they get dirty, I just toss them in the washer and they are ready to go again! So don't forget about Broken Hallelujah's great mary jane slippers. Offered in a variety of fibers and any color in the rainbow - plus I take custom orders for no extra charge.
One of my most popular colors available now!

Mar 19, 2007

leap into spring with style!

New at the Broken Hallelujah shop: headbands! A great way to make any outfit flirty and fun, these wide headbands are making a comeback and Broken Hallelujah is your place to get your original and one of a kind headband you won't find in any commercial store! Click the picture for more details. This headband is the first one in my store. I have a couple other 2 inch ones made up already and I'm going to work on 1 inch ones tonight so that I'll have goodies to list all week. I'm also selling some of my jewelry supplies that have just been sitting in the dorm all year never being used. I'm really trying to use up/sell a lot of this stuff in the next month before I have to move out - so help me out!

Mar 14, 2007

fluffy like cotton candy.

New Mary Jane's available in my etsy store. These I weren't able to come up with a clever name for, so they are just Mary Jane Slippers in Light Blue and Purple. I made them with a yarn I got on super sale at Hobby Lobby back when they were having a yarn blowout. There was just something about the colors mixed together that caught me - you didn't see these two colors mixed together very often. And they are so very soft and fluffy that I can't help but love them.

They fit size 7-11 (US women) and are only $16 plus shipping. You can click the picture for more information about this pair of slippers.

In other crafty news, Joann's has some great coupons this week. 50% crafts, fabric, sewing and more - plus yarn is on sale. So, use up those coupons while you still can! I'm not trying to show any crafting store preference, just pointing out when a great deal is available. Who doesn't love a deal?

Mar 12, 2007

the happiest hooker.

This purse is inspired and slightly modified from a pattern in Debbie Stoller's great book Stitch 'n Bitch: The Happy Hooker which is a great book for contemporary crochet and a great reference guide to use when experimenting with new styles and stiches. I just fell in love with this purse and when I found this yarn and these handles at Joann's I knew this purse had to be made for a great spring purse. I've got it listed in my etsy shop and hope to have another one ready in the next couple of days. I was going to make myself a blanket this break, but with all the slipper custom orders I just don't know if I'll have the time... I miss making things for myself every once and a while.

Mar 10, 2007

trying something new.

Hobby Lobby had a huge clearance section when I was there yesterday, and when I found this little soap kit for orange slice soap, I couldn't help giving in to my longlived desire to try making soap. I started on it last night and finished this morning, and this is the finished product! I kept half the soap loaf I made for myself and the rest I'm selling on etsy just for a limited time. It was fun to make, but in the dorm it would just be ridiculous to try so if I go back to making soap, it won't be till this summer. Plus, I have enough crafts to use up my money already - I really don't neet another. I am proud of how it turned out, though, for my first try.

Mar 8, 2007

etsy mini

So check it out. There in the side bar right under my flower - my new etsy mini! It's a nifty new contraption put out on etsy (check the bottom of the sidebar when logged into "Your Etsy") that updates with my featured items and links straight to my etsy listing for them. I think it's a great idea for spreading the word of etsy and bringing direct hits to listings. In this whole mess of the etsy constitution, this is a nice refresher that etsy can still be hip and cool and a great place to sell handmade items. I approve.

Mar 7, 2007

I opened up a shop at yesterday and already today my little monkey keychain lipbalm case is already listed as a hot item on the site! I'm ecstatic. I really like It's a very nice site and the people there are so so so very nice. I hope I find some success there.

Mar 6, 2007

it's a zoo out there!

I decided I needed something to give my lipbalm cases their own distictive look and feel, so last night while I was studying and idea came to me and I just had to create. And out popped this little monkey lipbalm case. He's the first in my planned series of animal lip balm cases. I have a couple of animals in mind that will make perfect cases but I'm always welcome to suggestions if anyone as a cute creature they'd love to see as a lip balm case. I can't wait to get some more of these made, but I have a custom order of slippers and four tests this week that I need to prepare for, so I don't know if I'll get anymore out before this weekend. Next week, however is spring break, so I'll have plenty of time to work on more animal designs and work on more great lip balm cases and of course more slippers.

Mar 5, 2007


Broken Hallelujah Accessories New Site Now Open!
I created a whole new website to showcase and spread the word of my etsy shop. The new site features full updates for all my specials, new lines, and the newest products! I've also set up a mailing list to keep interested customers up to date and to include new specials and discounts for mail list members. Also, one of my favorite things about the new site is the crafty link exchange. I've opened up a link exchange for all people with crafty websites, whether that be their etsy store or an external website like mine as a way to connect crafters. It's open to everyone with a crafty website, so check it out if anyone is interested. I'm very excited about the new website and I can't wait to get more into it and hopefully expand.

Mar 1, 2007

keepin' lips sexy & smooth.

Introducting keychain lip balm cases - new at Broken Hallelujah accessories. Click the picture for more information. I'm trying these new lip balm cases in my etsy store because I needed a simply, fun, and easy way to use up all the extra yarn I have lying around the dorm from making my slippers. I always feel bad about throwing the extra yarn away because money is an important commodity in college. These are so much fun to make and so easy to produce quickly that they became the perfect solution for my yarn stash. I'm hoping come May there won't be much yarn to throw away when I move out of the dorms - otherwise it'll have to be tossed because there won't be room in my tiny Saturn for it all. Spring break is in a week and I'm really looking forward to being home. Having the whole day to craft. Having my mom buy me yarn. It'll probably be the last time I go home for awhile... I'm growing up and it's kind of scary. Yet exciting. I'm really looking forward to getting my own apartment for the first time. I can just imagine all the room I'll have to store yarn compared to the one drawer I have now. I really want these shelves from ikea. Think of all the glorious, color coded yarn that could fill it up. Yes, I'm a dork, I know.