Jun 29, 2009

moving sale!

Broken Hallelujah is having a sale! On behalf of me packing up and moving half way across the country from Texas to North Carolina I'm having a moving sale!

This is really just an attempt to sell a good amount of items so I won't have to pack them away in a box & move them with me. They need their own new homes to go to & I don't want them at mine!

So, until further notice, every single thing in my Artfire studio is on sale at 20% off. And I'll still be adding new items which will also automatically be on sale. So if there's been something you've been eyeing in my shop, now is the time to make your move (pun intended).

Visit my Artfire studio today to take advantage of this great sale!

Jun 25, 2009


In summer selling crochet items can be, well, darn hard. My slippers always do well for me once the cool weather starts to roll in, but during the hottest months of the year the demand for them is not very high. (Though I do hear, "Come winter, I'm getting myself a pair of these!" alot.)

To remedy my selling summer blues, I knew I had to come up with a crochet item that broke the traditional mold of crochet. It can't be bulky, hot, or heavy. And one fiber always seems to be the most associated with summer, cotton.

So I designed a couple lines of headbands, one of which is my braided crochet headbands. These are near and dear to my heart because they are 1) fun to make and 2) allow me to play with fun color combinations.

If I could have my way, I would have every color of yarn - ever! Then think of all the possibilities. But believe me, I have enough (for now) and I do have a blast working out new headband colors. These two new headbands have just been added to my Artfire shop and run $8 + shipping. One is summery with bright yellow & blue, and the other is more traditional with red & black. Both would look great with a tank top and jeans or as a fun accessory with a swim suit out by the pool.

Either way, these crochet goodies weigh you down in the summer heat. For more information, visit my Artfire studio.

Jun 21, 2009

the colors of summer.

These are a few of my favorites taken at the Dallas Arboretum. In full bloom & in full color. The colors and scents of summer. The Arboretum is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with bright sun & blooms alongside shady, cool hideaways. It isn't hard to find a favorite spot (or two, or three) to spend a few moments to just enjoy yourself. The only thing that would make it more perfect is a glass filled to the brim with iced, fresh lemonade.

Jun 16, 2009

a room with a view. of the ocean.

I'm so sorry for disappearing! Real life is once again taking hold and prohibiting me from blogging and visiting all my favorite reads, and it doesn't look like it'll be letting up anytime soon.

This past week I spent in my soon to be future home of Wilmington, North Carolina. A big move is coming for Andy & I as we trek (literally) halfway across the country for school. We'll be making the move at the very end of July, but we had to get our living arrangements sorted out before hand (mostly just to calm my nerves). We now have a beautiful, roomy new apartment that is about 15 minutes from the beach and I couldn't be more excited about calling it home soon.

For now we are back in Texas and I trying mentally and physically to prepare us for the move coming up. Been cleaning the apartment and starting to get stuff packed away into boxes so when August 1st comes rolling around the actual moving part won't be such a headache.

In between packing, cleaning, & traveling, I've managed to fit a teensy bit of crocheting in. These slippers I added to the Artfire shop last night. I have named them Oceanview - I guess my trip kind of inspired me!

I don't know when I'll get more things added to the shop. Besides the move, there's been a serious development with my dad. He underwent bipass surgery a few months back, but right now things aren't looking as good as could be hoped. A few of the grafted arteries seem to be clogged & the surgeon thinks it's too soon after the first bipass to attempt to perform another one to graft a few more arteries. For now it looks like he'll be getting some stints placed in the bad arteries in an attempt to relieve some of the pain he's been feeling & buy him some time incase he'll need another bipass. Please keep my family in your thoughts as I think we're all still in a bit of shock on how this is turning out. And please think fondly of my dad & hope he gets better soon with no more pain, surgery, and hopefully no heart attacks.

Sorry to leave off on such a sad note, I just wanted to give you all a heads up on why I may not be around as much as I'd like to be. And I'll try to keep updated as things progress with both the move and my dad. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week (and may it lead quickly to the weekend!).

Jun 2, 2009

give away winner!

We have a winner!!! Congratulations to Audrey!

That's right! Audrey of Audrey's Country Crafts has won the first ever Broken Hallelujah give away! She'll be receiving her very own custom pair of mary jane slippers! Drop by Audrey's blog to see all her great handmade items and leave a congratulations note!

I'll be having another giveaway this fall, so be sure to drop by and enter for your chance to win one of my handmade items! And thanks to everyone who entered who made this give away a success.