Aug 25, 2008

welcome back.

Today was the first day back to school for the fall semester. I was enjoying the freedom the summer had brought and was a little sad to see it go, but getting back to the books will be a nice change. It was nice being back on campus and seeing old friends after the summer. I'm also excited about the classes I'll be taking this semester. One of the best things about being a senior is finally getting to take the courses you want to take versus the ones you have to take. Plus fall means that football season is coming soon and if there's one thing A&M is known for it's the football and all the traditions associated with the sport. I love spending my Saturday's cheering on the Aggies, yelling with our yell leaders, singing the fight song, and hopefully winning some football games! One thing you definitely learn in college in Texas - to love football.

The picture to the left is one of the buildings on campus. It's the Academic building and is probably one of the more beautiful buildings. I took this picture last winter, so the trees were a bit bare, but you can imagine them beautiful and green. I'm sure there will be plenty more pictures to come as the semester continues and graduation draws closer. 
I got so busy getting ready for back to school yesterday that I forgot about the theme of the week yesterday! So the theme of back to school will just be next week's theme. 

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Tracy said...

Enjoy your new year of classes...and have fun! ((HUGS))

Jaimee said...

Have a great Senior Year!!!
I know I loved mine :)