Feb 22, 2007

cutest slippers ever.

Can you belive how adorable these slippers are? They were ordered for an infant, but they requested a toddler size so the new baby can grow into them. They are part of a custom order for the expecting mother, her new baby, and her 10 year old daughter. All done in the 10 year old's favorite colors of red and black. I'm really proud of this order of slippers and I really hope that I can do mother-daughter slipper sets again. And I definitely want to do some more infant slippers because they are just way too adorable. One custom order done, two more to go.

Feb 21, 2007

15 minutes of fame.

I woke up this morning to a very excited AIM message from Jenn screaming at me that I was on the etsy front page. So of course, like anyone who has never been featured on the front page before I hurried over there and there were my Bunny Foo-Foo slippers!!! By the time I got out of class at 10am, they were already sold. So my front page fame was short lived, but completely worth it. I never ever thought I'd be on the front page. School, on the other hand, not so glamorous. I dropped a beaker of boiling water down my front today in my Chemistry lab and ended up with burns and blisters on my right thigh. Right now I'm relying on antibiotic, ibuprofen, and chocolate to take the pain away. At least I'm done for the day...

Feb 20, 2007

it's all new & fabulous.

I made the shift over to blogger finally. I've gone through a livejournal, a personal website, and now a vox, but there's something about the accessability of blogger that makes me want to call it home. So, I suppose I should introduce myself and my slippers. I'm Brandy, and I'm a yarnaholic. This obsession with yarn has led me to taking up crochet to give my hands something to do and my mind something not to fret over. And somewhere along the way, it stuck. I opened up my etsy shop Broken Hallelujah in early July as a way to get rid of all the crochet projects that were piling up around the house. It took a while for me to find my niche there, and then came my mary jane slippers and the site has taken off since then. Currently I'm studying marine biology at TAMUG, so in my spare time I still crochet and have been lucky enough to find the time to keep up my grades and keep my etsy store stocked and running. So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.