Aug 4, 2008


I have a new addition to my side bar on the left. It's my widget for It's a brand new blog networking website designed to allow you to meet fellow bloggers with blogs covering similar topics and network with each other in an effort to bring more traffic to your blog. It's just a wee fledgling right now, but there are already many etsy artisans who have signed up their craft related blogs. I've only begun to introduce myself to the site, but already I've made a couple connections and joined some great networks for etsy artists, bloggers, etc. The site is small right now, but it's growing and could always use some more people. Plus, it's 100% free, so you have nothing really to lose and it looks like it could grow into a great new opportunity to meet new people and also boost the traffic of your webblog. If any of you decides to sign up, be sure to connect with me. A quick note, you cannot use this for your etsy site directly, sadly. It has to be your own personal website or blog. On a crafting note, I would love to share some pictures of the new creations now available at the etsy shop, but for some reason blogger refuses to cooperate in uploading them. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to sneak on during my studies (I have a final on Wednesday) and share some of the pictures with you all.

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rockcreekcreations said...

It's good to see you on Scoutle. I think it's going to be an interesting place with low maintenance.

Tracy said...

Hi there! Sorry so slow getting here...but better late than never, yes?! ;o) I had tried to leave a comment during the weekend, but it was going through :o( LOVE all your new items in the shop--especially the cotton cloths--great idea! And thanks for the scoutle tip here...I'm off to check it out! Oh, thanks so much for stopping by to join in my gift giveaway fun! We'll be on the east coast when we head that way next month. I'm from PA originally, and that's where most of my family is, so that's where we'll be much of the time as this trip will be a shorter one than usual--but still, can't wait to go home! Happy Days, B ((HUGS))

Ann said...

I'm signing up right now.

I'm not quite sure what it's about, but want to sign up anyway.
Thanks for the info.