Aug 2, 2008


Cotton Cloth Two Pack Originally uploaded by brokenhallelujah
I've made some additions to the small (but growing) bath and body section of the shop. I'm working on a line of 100% cotton cloths which can be used in the kitchen as dishcloths or in the bath as wash cloths. Cotton crochet cloths are not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also durable and strong so they get the job done and won't wear out on you quickly. Because of the characteristics of the crochet stitch, these cloths are great for scrubbing pots or for exfoliating your skin. Right now I'm offering them in two packs for $7.00, but I'm hoping to get some singles made for $3.50 so the buyer has the freedom to choose their own colors and combinations. Once you try these cloths you'll never go back! Be sure to check back with the shop for more colors coming soon. This weekend I've also taken on the project of creating my own labels. I simply used a premade business card template in my word processor and adjusted it to fit my needs. I have already made up some for the cloths and also for the slippers. I simply included some information on proper care of the product along with my URL. I have always loved getting handmade products with personal tags and I'm proud to finally have some of my own. They came out very nicely and I think they give my items a little more professionalism. Plus, this makes it easier for customers to remember the proper care techniques without having to find their product in my shop and look it up. You can see one of my new tags here

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Waterrose said...

Glad I happened across your blog! I'm also bought two pairs of your crocheted slippers almost two years ago. They are still comfy and I love to wear them when it is cold here.

She Who Runs Amok said...

I love those washcloths! Im on my way to etsy to check out your store! :-)