Sep 2, 2008

fun & new

Just one pair of the fun new slippers that have been added to the shop in the past couple of days. These and many more are available in the etsy shop and there's lots of fun new colors being added all the time.  I was thrilled today to see that someone had taken a tab from one of the flyers I had posted around campus for my etsy store. I am currently scooping out some other places to put fliers, but I'm just happy that they seem to be working. I made up the flyers to have removable tabs with my store name and URL to make it easy for people to find me. I don't think I've received a sale from it yet, but I'm getting noticed and that's the first step!

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Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Hey Brandy

Thats a good idea about the fliers. I started making my own too but haven't gotten around to posting them up yet. Still trying to figure out where I can actually put them at without someone taking them down. I am going to try our local library which has a bulletin board in the copy room to put fliers. Love the slippies :-)

fugsly said...

What a great idea! I may steal that one :) Hope you get lots of new sales from it!

*nemo* said...

Hi there!

I found your blog this week, probably through EC :) and I love what I see!

You make such beautiful things!! It inspires me :) I absolutely LOVE these slippers - I visited your shop and I especially love the cloudy skies pair! <3

I have only just started my journey into knitting and crocheting, still have a long way to go! :D

Have a super Sunday!