Aug 21, 2008

the calm before the storm.

Life has been, well, hectic. Monday I found out that my dad had been in the hospital all weekend. My parents hadn't told me about it because they wanted me to do well on my GRE Monday morning. Apparently my dad had been having some chest pains and when he went to the doctor for an EKG they didn't like how it looked so he ended up having more tests done until they determined that some of his arteries that supply the heart with blood were closed and he had to have three stints put into place. As if that wasn't enough bad news, apparently the cause of the problem is completely genetic. So now I need to go get my cholesterol tested to see if the levels are elevated so I can be put on medication to hopefully prevent the same thing happening to me when I get older. I'm not too excited about having to find a doctor here and getting my blood drawn. I do not have an affinity for needles. But it's better to be safe than sorry later on down the road. 

My new roommate has also been moving in which has been an experience. There's still many things unpacked around the apartment, but we're getting it together I think. And to top it all off school starts on Monday so it'll be back to the grind soon. I've been trying to squeeze in all the last minute things I want to do before I won't have the time any more so I've been crafting, baking, creating, and watching a lot of tv in any spare time I've found. I guess it doesn't sound very relaxing, but for the most part it's been good.
I've also seen my sales in the etsy shop pick up, which I'm very excited about. Hopefully this is just the trickle before the Christmas flood. 

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Jaimee said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Good thing they caught it early.
I'm in the same sort of boat as of late...I'm off for a series of test after a small scare and my crazy family history. Like you said, it's better to be safe than sorry! (So, when you're cringing as your blood is being am I :)

Waterrose said...

Hugs to you. Good luck to your dad and your cholesterol test. Just remember to breath...

Designing Hilary said...

I hope things are OK with your Dad!!

BTW --- you changed your Entrecard a bit (with the "broken hallelujah)? When I saw it in my inbox I thought someone had stolen your image. *lol*