Jul 23, 2008

try these on for size

After having some fun designing new scarf designs for the etsy shop, I went back to making a couple new pair of mary jane slippers. One is an old friend that hasn't visited the shop in awhile and the other is brand new. Both, however, are extremely comfortable and colorful. You can find these and all my mary jane designs at the shop

Hurricane Dolly is sending some much needed rain our way soon. It's been very dry this spring and summer -  more than usual - so we can definitely use it. Everyone hit by the storm is in my thoughts, however, and I feel extremely lucky that all I'm getting out of the storm is some rain for my veggies and nothing much more serious than maybe a soggy pair of socks. 

3 shared a thought:

Ann said...

These are so cute. What a great idea. I'm going to have to hint to my family to look at my favorited items on etsy.

Really cute.

Tracy said...

Those are fun--great colors! Happy crafting...and happy weekend ((HUGS))

saffron said...

OOH, I love these, very cute!