Jul 25, 2008

Theme of the Week: ORANGE

I came up with the idea today to do like a mini treasury for my blog - theme of the week. I simply searched etsy for a keyword and found some of my favorite items which I compiled below. I was so excited by this idea I simply couldn't wait for Sunday to roll around to start, so we'll just have a short run for this week's theme and I'll start a new one on Sunday. Theme of the week for July 20-26: Orange.

Check out the new theme of week here. 
Next week's theme will be Summer showers. If you have an item you think fits the theme and would like to be featured leave me the link below and check back on Sunday to see if you made the list.

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Teresa said...

They all so beautiful!!! Btw, I love the idea of selecting a theme!!

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Jaimee said...

All great picks! :)