Jul 19, 2008

diy light box

This afternoon I stumbled across a post in the etsy forums concerning terrible pictures. I'll be the first to admit that pictures have probably been one of the weakest points of my etsy shop. While giggling about everyone else's photo troubles, I saw a link to a tutorial for a diy light box. I had considered using one of these before to take pictures, but hadn't taken the time to make one because of the fact that I couldn't model the slipper inside the light box. 

Well, today, I finally decided to make one - and it was so easy! All the supplies I had lying around so it didn't cost me a cent and took less than 30 minutes. In no time I was outside shooting in my new mini studio. And the pictures came out beautifully. I had to do a few minor adjustments on them, but the lighting and colors were true and beautiful. I think the beautiful new images completely make up for the cons of not being able to model inside the light box - I don't think the slippers need to be modeled any longer for someone to see how fabulous they are. 

If you are having photo issues and can't figure out how to get great, professional looking photos like so many etsy artists, I would definitely recommend making yourself a light box. It's so simple and you'll be glad you spent the time (and very little money). You won't know how you lived without it!

P.S. The slippers pictured above (the first photographed in my new light box) are now available in the my etsy shop.

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Jaimee said...

Thanks for the info...I just might make one of my own this afternoon!

Natalie Jane said...

WOW. LOVE your stuff!!! If you ever want to do a little trading for some handmade earrings, let me know....