Jul 13, 2008

sunday brunch on a budget

 I borrowed this recipe from one of my favorite blogs, A Year at Oak Cottage. Every day there's a new recipe posted and they all look so delicious I wish I had the time to try them all.

For brunch this morning, I prepared Andy and I this simple egg and potato plate. Whoever claims you can't eat well on a college students budget never bothered to try. I had all these ingredients already lying around the house for other meals and the whole thing probably cost less than $5 - and it was delicious. 

When I first started off on my own I became a fervid coupon clipper, but most of the time the coupons were for more expensive items and even with the coupon a store brand of the same item would be cheaper, and I had much better things to do with my time than search for coupons I never ended up using. Now, I mostly just check the weekly fliers to see what the market will have on special and plan meals around those items and include things I may have in my pantry, etc. There's always excellent websites to find new recipes on that are tasty and won't cost you a lot - some of my favorites are cooks.com and Kraft Foods

Another tip is buy extra of items you use a lot when they are on sale. For example, I mostly use chicken in all my dishes so it quickly becomes the most expensive item on my grocery list. So I always buy three or four packs and freeze them when the chicken is on sale every couple of months. 

It can be tricky living on a small budget, especially with the price of gas eating so much of it these days, but there are always tricks to get you through and still keep your belly happy and full.

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