Jul 17, 2008

etsy lovlies.

I got a lovely package from JimmyPickles yesterday! I love to look around etsy, but I try not to shop too much just because I need to save my money for important things (groceries, gas, other necessities). But when I came across the JimmyPickles shop while browsing Pounce I had to give in to the delicious wristlet keychains. I bought one for myself, pictured above, and another for my mom whose birthday is coming up. They are just so handy! You can slip them right onto your wrist and then have both hands free to carry things and don't have to worry about where you left the keys or trying to fish them out later with full hands. And they came packaged so nicely with some little extra treats for me, which was very lovely. I would definitely recommend doing business with this shop which features more lovely things than just these wristlet keychains all of which come in a rainbow of beautiful designs. 

2 shared a thought:

TLCSays said...

I just LOVE new Etsy finds!

Jaimee said...

I have yet to buy myself one of those wristlets but love them.
And the cute little doggie print you picked out is adorable!!!

I'm off to check out JimmyPickles right now :)