Apr 12, 2009

taking it forward.

Lately new ideas for headband styles have been taking up most of my time. I always try to rework things to see how far I can go creatively with a single idea. And thanks to some inspiration sparked by my friend Fran (who has a wonderful embroidery shop that you really need to check out) I've come up with some new ideas for my original three-strand headband.

Fran was really instrumental in the construction of the braided headband I've developed. It's three strands like the other headbands, all a single, different color braided together to produce a very clean, sophisticated look. Playing with color combinations has been a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to trying out a few more. I've already got a couple braided headbands listed in both the Artfire and Etsy shops. 

Another look I've been playing with this weekend is similar to the original three-strand look, but plays with more color. These headbands have been designed to have a playful but clean look. The colors of the headband alternate with the middle strand being a separate, matching color to the outer bands. The combinations for this design are endless (well, it would be if my yarn supply was endless. A girl can dream.). I think it is definitely a playful look, yet still sophisticated because of the slightly muted color combinations that are both great for us "grown-ups" and kids, alike. 

These redesigns come just in time for Mother's Day, too. I think these headbands would make fun, handmade gifts for moms of any age! And custom orders are always welcome should you have a specific color combination you'd like to see. Want to use Mom's favorite color? No problem! And for $7 a pop you can afford to buy a little gift for yourself, too. 

All my headbands can be found on both Artfire and Etsy. Be sure to order soon to guarantee items arrive in time.

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Jaimee said...

Love the 3 stand headband...and it look so cute on you! You've got the perfect Do for it :)