Apr 9, 2009


If you notice in the right hand corner of my sidebar there's something new! Now it's even easier to subscribe to my RSS feed for my blog. You can subscribe through your RSS reader or receive my blog updates in your inbox by subscribing with your email address. Either way, now Broken Hallelujah is even easier to keep up with!

All these great functions are provided by a great, free service called FeedBurner. It is a great service provided by Google, so if you already have a Google account (which you do if you have a Blogger account) then it is a super easy sign up. 

I found out about this great service on one of my favorite blogs - NinjaJenn's Ninja Knowledge. Jenn's blog is a great help to all of us trying to get our names out there for our small businesses. I definitely recommend you check out her blog - her latest entry is a step by step instruction for getting your blog RSS feed set up with FeedBurner. And you'll definitely want to subscribe to her RSS feed for all the great new knowledge she has to share.

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Blogger Rise said...

I try that...thanks