Apr 4, 2009

dad update.

As I stated in my last blog entry, my dad had heart bipass surgery this week. He went into surgery yesterday morning. So far everything has been fine. He got out of surgery around 1 p.m. and they were able to bipass all the arteries they wanted. Later in the afternoon they decided that the fluid draining from the surgery was too bloody so they had to go back in to clean up the surgery site a bit more. Since then the bleeding has cut down substantially. 

He was on a respirator yesterday,  but they've taken him off now and he's breathing on his own & able to take healthy, deep breaths. The next steps for today are to hopefully get him moving around some more and eating real food. Also, his pain has gone down substantially from yesterday, but he's still not very talkative. He's responsive to the doctor's questions and my mom, but just not talking much himself. 
Now comes the healing stages. He'll have to take 3 months off of work to work on healing, making sure his heart doesn't atrophy (aka doing lots of cardio), and healing the bones that had to be broken. 
Looks like it's going to be a hectic summer for all of my family. I'm moving to North Carolina at the end of July, but before that my sister is graduating from high school in May, we have to go apartment hunting, and my dad will be recooperating from this whole ordeal. 
I have to thank everyone who has really stood by and given their thoughts and prayers to my family. I love you all. 

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Jazzy Jemz said...

Im glad he is recovering well after the surgery. I will keep him in my prayers that his recovery is speedy and uncomplicated.

Tracy said...

Was so glad to see this entry, B! And so glad your day is doing ok...Hope he will make a strong recovery. (Our neighbor lady just had bypass surgery and has just come home today--hope she'll be ok, she's a lovely old thing.) What a summer on tap there...very exciting with the move! How's the school hunt going? Happy week :o) ((HUGS))

niema said...

Wish your dad better soon, just be beside him with love