Apr 1, 2009

spotlight: for dad.

The spotlight of this week is coming a bit early.

I created this spotlight with my dad in mind. He's going in for heart bipass surgery this week, so I picked my favorite heart related items for this week's spotlight. We don't know when the surgery will be yet. Until then it's a waiting game. But it looks like it'll be at the end of this week on Friday most likely. So this one is for you dad! Because your heart is more beautiful than any of these could portray. ♥

2 shared a thought:

Tracy said...

Lovely hearts line-up here! Hope so much all will go well with your dad's surgery--sending happy, healthy vibes his way...and calm, serene one's your way! ;o) The new look is beautiful here, B....love it! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Split Rock Ranch said...

Praying for your Dad's surgery to go well. Sending positive vibes for him, you and the rest of the family.