Apr 6, 2009

small redesign.

New headbands! In bright, new colors! With bright, colorful flowers. These, and several more are available now both in the Artfire shop and on Etsy. Or shop now, below, directly from this page.

I've really enjoyed working on my new collection of headbands, but as with everything I start to tweek my designs a bit to play with new ways of working it. Working on getting the exact look I'm going for. With these new headbands, I've done a tiny bit of a redesign. The bands of the headband are now skinnier. I've decided to go with this look over my wider design because to me this one looks more like the Greek goddess design that first inspired me in the concept of these headbands. 

What do you think of the slight redesign? Can you even tell anything has been changed?

And one more little reminder - I have set up a new mailing list for Broken Hallelujah Accessories fans! Receive updates on new items and special discounts! Sign up now using the form in the sidebar. 

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