Apr 5, 2009

caterpillar peacock

As a way to help promote Artfire and the artisans who pour so much of the time and creativity into the website, a promotion has started where specific Artfire artisans will be featured across the web by many of us at Artfire. Today's promotion features Caterpillar Peacock!

Caterpillar Peacock makes some amazing items. Her work is mostly felted, like this beautiful needle felted lily pin I've decided to feature. Besides her great flower pins & necklaces, she also make some of the most creative and cute tiny little felted hats. I wish I was enough of a hipster to be able to pull off one of her tiny berets, but till then I shall just fawn over them and their adorable tinyness.
So check out Caterpillar Peacock over on Artfire! And come back soon to see who the next great featured artist will be - it might be you! 

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