Apr 30, 2009

little rascal.

I came home from work this afternoon & headed out to my porch to check if the plants needed some watering. What do I find? This mess of bird seeds spread out on the porch & that's not the end of the bag the seeds are supposed to be coming out of...

Who made this mess? The little birdies, starved for seeds? No! This little rascal! As soon as I stepped over the mess he scurried around the porch and on to my stairs & proceeded to attempt to stare me down. 
"Whatever did I do wrong? You're the one who left the delicious seeds out on the porch for all to partake of." 
He had chewed a hole in the bottom of the bag and proceeded to pick out his favorites, little chubby trickster! I'm not even sure how he'd figured out there was bird seed to be had up here! My porch is no where near any trees so he would have had to scurry up the stairs to find these goodies & gnaw through the bag. I'm sure he was having a blast till I came along and ruined all the fun. 
It did give me a pretty good laugh. And I'm glad he held still long enough for me to snap a quick mug shot. So if you see this little thief, let me know! He owes me some bird seed!

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