Apr 8, 2009

a new obession.

I have always been a tea drinker in my life, but in the more recent years I have taken to drinking tea almost every night. Add to that Andy's already existing passion for all things Chinese and Japanese, and you end up with a new obsession of wonderful Chinese loose-leaf teas and the wonderful teapots that accompany any tea obsession.

We are very lucky to have a wonderful Asian market here in town and through the years I've lived here I've found myself buying more tea and teapots.

This one will be my third! I just purchased it today during a trip to the market to find some new tea. I simply couldn't pass it up. Who could resist a teapot of pandas! I do use my teapots for display in my Asian themed dining room, but I also use them when I'm drinking tea. This way the pots rotate which one is on display and which one is being used!

I love them all, but at the moment I'm really in love with my new pandas! They match perfectly with the glass pandas my Grandma brought back from her recent trip to China. It's like it was meant to be!

In honor of my new purchase, I've selected some absolutely delicious handmade tea from Artfire! Check out these delicious finds.

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Tracy said...

I'm obsessed with tea too...my favorite drink. :O) Loved this tea post, B. Cute panda tea set! ((HUGS))