Apr 20, 2009

pamper yourself pretty.

Sometimes there really is nothing better after a long, busy day than slipping into a pair of luxuriously soft slippers. Wiggling your toes around comfortably while you lay back and relax is a perfect way to unwind. A few pairs of the slippers I've been working on lately are just the thing to achieve this feeling - I can imagine they'd feel like walking on air they are so smooth & soft!

I have to say I really enjoy playing with yarn
 textures to achieve different looks, but some of my favorite slippers always end up being the ones that feel so soft & fuzzy! They not only have a unique look, but they are a delight to crochet. Having the smooth yarn run through my fingers is probably just as delightful as relaxing at home in the final product.

The new slippers in the shop do have a wonderful silky texture in common, but have whole different attitudes. One (pictured above) is a beautiful, feminine pink, while the other is a bit spunky & funky in a playful lime green. Both are fun new additions to the shop and are now available with all my other mary janes. 

And if you're looking for an easy way to pamper yourself besides my slippers, you have to head on over to ShineYourHineySoaps. How can you resist that name? These soaps not only get your hiney quite shiney, but also come in wonderfully indulgent scents like Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee. I bet you could almost eat this soap right up! ShineYourHiney is a great shop that has soap and bath accessories for any age. If you've got a little one that needs some washing, you have to check out her crocheted bath mitt monsters. They are sure to brighten up any bath with their great bright colors and fun designs. There's also silk lotion, wonderful smelling bath salts, and shower gels in any scent you can imagine. These soaps would make great handmade additions to guest bathrooms or wonderful welcoming gifts. 

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