Mar 29, 2009

new yarn, new fun!

Getting in a shipment of new yarn is always acted as a catalyst to creation. Friday I got my order for some new cotton yarn and have really been enjoying all the ideas it has brought me for new creations. 

Not only did it send colorful design ideas dancing through my head, it also got me inspired to reorganize my yarn storage. For almost a year now I'd been keeping my yarn in an old bookcase sorted by color. While it did the job, it wasn't the idea storage: new yarn purchases were not getting sorted into their proper places, dangly ends of yarn were getting tangled together, and it was just hard to get to yarn buried at the bottom of piles. So I headed out to the store and bought some 15 oz plastic containers - one for every color and a couple extra just incase. For less than $40 I totally reorganized the yarn so that they were neatly stored together by color with no dangly ends peeking out. Everything is looking a lot neater and cutting back on the clutter has also cleared my mind. 

When I haven't been reorganizing, I've been creating! This headband is just the first to get it's photographs taken and added to the shop with more to come. I've also  been working on some new slippers lately as those have been pushed to the back of the agenda lately with all the headbands I've been working on. I've got some fun, funky new colors in the works that I'm sure will show up here when they're finished and listed.

Lots of fun new stuff in the shop, so be sure to check it out!

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Dorothy said...

Nice blog thanks for visiting ours.

Dorothy from grammology

Tracy said...

Love that new headband, B! That button accent is so sweet. Nothing like a bunch of new supplies and getting them organized and ready to fuel the creative juices...Happy Crafting :o) ((HUGS))

Tracy said...

Me again...tee-hee...LOVE the new, fresh look here...great colors! :o)

Heart's Desire Jewelry said...

I love the headband - very pretty and fresh for spring. I know what you mean about getting new supplies. Its a great adrenaline rush and the perfect spark for the creative center in my brain :)