Mar 22, 2009

button up!

This headband is one of my newest in the shop. It's experimenting with a new design that was suggested to me by my friend at LaDeDaCreations. Be sure to check her out because as you can see she has some fabulous ideas! She not only came up with the idea of putting buttons on the headband, but also figured out that you could wear the headbands as cute, funky chokers! I just love that the headbands can be used in more than one way and look totally fabulous. 

Another idea that is new in the shop is that of interchangeable flower pins for the headbands. Each headband will still come with a matching flower pin, but now customers have the opportunity to purchase individual flower pins in their favorite colors to ultimately customize their headband and create their very own look. Plus, the pins also look great on blazers, blouses, hats, scarves, bags, and as little additions to gift bags. They have a plethora of uses that adds a colorful, handmade touch to anything you apply them to. They can also be seen in the shop now with many more colors coming soon. Of course, custom colors are always welcome! 

All in all, there's tons of fun goodies being added to the shop all the time, so be sure to check us out! 

2 shared a thought:

Tracy said...

Very FUN! I like the charm and versatility of your designs, B! Happy week ((HUGS))

LaDeDaCreations said...

You did a great job!