Mar 9, 2009

a cozy for your chapstick.

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Available again in the shop after a long disappearance are my keychain lip balm cases! These handmade cozies are the perfect size for a regular Chapstick sized lip balm of your choosing. No more rummaging around in the bottom of your purse or make-up bag, because now your favorite lip balm is right at your fingertips on your keyring. Or, if you're a fan of those longer, skinnier tinted lip balms I'd be happy to make you a custom keychain in the color of your choosing.

These keychains are not only handy for lip balm, but also are the perfect size for lighters and USB thumbdrives. Gotta love things that have multiple uses!!

At $9 a pop, they are a steal. So check them out in my Artfire shop today in a rainbow of colors.

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