Mar 25, 2009

do it right. do it bright.

These two new headbands are my latest. I'm producing them as part of a new series entitled: Brights! I bought new buttons to produce a more coordinated look in the headbands featuring the button accent.

One headband features bright, colorful buttons in shades of green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple. The other features colorful flower buttons in shades of purple, orange, green, and pink. Both are bright, funky, and fun! The headband ties in the back like my other styles and is crocheted using 100% cotton for ease of care and maximum comfort. 

Black is just the first color of band I've produced with white on the way! I also have some more fun colors of yarn in the mail so there will be more colors including a charcoal grey coming soon. 

On top of new band colors I am also working on another 

color series I'm thinking of calling Bloom! that features muted shades of yellow, pink, and orange for a very colorful spring look.

So check back soon for more information on the new headbands coming soon. And in the meantime you can check out these headbands and many more that are already available in my Artfire shop. As always, if you have a custom idea for a headband, I'd love to work with you. 

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Tizzalicious said...

I love those!

Deronda designs... said...

Me too, they are wonderful.

Waterrose said...

Oh those are adorable...great idea!