May 19, 2008

urg and yay.

Urg. I bought a pretty new bright pink bougenvelia today to go in a pot on the porch with some small gords I am growing, and of course when I'm trying to get it out of it's pot I get poked by its horrendous spines and rip half of the roots off. To say the least it is unhappy with me right now and is all weepy. I hope the poor thing doesn't just die on me right here and now. I was already very enamored with the thing. Hopefully with the water I gave it and a little bit of settling in it's new pot it'll grow a bit of those roots back and perk up a bit. Keep your fingers crossed. 

In happier gardening news, I'm getting my first blooms on my cucumber plants. Horray.

It's my first experiencing growing veggies my self, and with limited porch space and limited funds right now it's just, well, limited to a couple cucs, and some grape tomato plants. I hope to see some baby vegetables out there soon, which I'm sure you'll all be presented photos of as soon as they appear. I cannot wait to have my own place where I can actually grow a little garden. Some day, some day...

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