May 25, 2008

a new day.

Just a random assortment of the things we stumbled across at the park today.  

The whole roommate fiasco escalated yesterday when I returned to my apartment that morning to find two more of my textbooks missing from my very room where I had placed them on a shelf the night before. When my roommate got home later that afternoon I asked her if she knew anything about the additional missing books and was immediately presented with a very defensive, snotty, "I have no idea where you've put your books." Just the way she said it led me to believe that she did know something about them, but things just went from there with her claiming that she would never need the money from selling my textbooks. The whole time her boyfriend stood behind her totally silent. Perhaps she really doesn't know anything about it and it's the work of him, but I find it hard to believe that he would get away with taking 5 of my textbooks without her ever knowing since I rarely ever seem them with out the other in tow. Anyway, I drew the line and moved every item of mine out of the main living areas and into my room where they are locked up. As far as me and anything of mine that is worth anything, we have packed up and moved to Andy's apartment for the duration of the summer until she moves out in August. It's a hassle, but I would have been much more upset if something had ended up happening had I not taken these steps. 

In the meantime, Andy and I will just try to enjoy the rest of our summer. Our trip to Disneyworld is coming up soon and with the events of the past week, I absolutely cannot wait to take a vacation from it all. I can't think of a better escape than Disneyworld. 

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Tracy said...

Great photos...looks like you're having fun playing with the camera! So sorry you're having roomie issues...hope they subside soon...A trip to see Mickey & friends will no doubt soothe the wounds... ;o)