May 12, 2008

Summer has arrived again to College Station. This means another semester of school was survived. It was one of my most challenging semesters yet, but I lived through and I am definitely ready for a summer break. I'm working more this summer trying to save up as much as I can because graduate school and really living on my own is coming up faster than I'd like to admit.

But summer also means I have more time to craft, which I love. I have a couple of ideas in store for this summer and I'm excited to try some new skills and improve some I've put off for a while (like sewing). And of course there's the slippers. Right now my favorite thing in my etsy store is the red hobo purse.

It's such a fun purse crocheted in beautiful red cotton with a removable flower pin accessory. Now that I have more time I might get around to making one of these for myself!

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A Punkin Card Company said...

HI Brandy!
Long time no talk. How are you?
Yep, that was in Houston, Midtown, to be exact. It woudl be awesome if you came one weekend. Then we could meet up and have some lunch!!