May 28, 2008

color me purple.

It's the time of year when babies are abound - and this baby horse just happens to be bounding next door to work. We have several baby horses at the wildlife center next to the lab I work at, but this one just happens to be my favorite - with his momma. You simply can't resist wanting to snuggle his speckled body. Even his tail has a spot! I need to think up a name for him...

Speaking of work, Andy and I (we both work in the same lab) had to do a Gram stain on some bacterial cultures we had grown but we couldn't find a single lab in the building who had the staining kit, which meant we had to find all the base materials and mix the dyes ourselves (I got to play chemist for the day). To put the situation in a scientific equation I think we can all understand : Brandy + dye crystals + water = purple + red + orange laboratory/fingers/clothes/etc. It was an experience - both sinks in the lab are now a rather pretty shade of purple. I think this experience solidified why I shall probably never end up dying my own yarn. The lab bench is one thing, but the carpet in my apartment would be a whole other thing. I believe it also solidified why I'm going to school to  be a marine biologist and not a microbiologist. Dyes, shmyes. 

I'm one slipper down, one to go on the custom order. Pictures when I finish, of course.

Countdown to Disneyworld: 14 days.

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beadinbythesea said...

Sometimes you just can't resist trying something new can you? Like your dying disaster, I've had my share of failures. Have you tried using chlorine bleach to get the stain out? It can get rid of any stain. Have fun in DisneyWorld!

Absolutely Small said...

OMG PONIES !1!!!1!
*sorry, reflex*
Anyway, have a great time on your trip! Seems like everyone I know is heading there in a few weeks...weird! (And most of them are taking Chickenpants with them)

PamperingBeki said...

Haha! But I bet you looked so pretty in purple. :)

Can your family become my family when it's our turn to go to Disney? ;-) I'm hoping to go in January.

(Oh, and I'm not here right now.. Nope, not on the computer. It's my no media day...Shhh!)

Tracy said...

Purple is a great color...many can wear it! ;o) The ponies are lucky to see them so close. Have fun as you count down the days...Are you packed yet? ;o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))