May 15, 2008

It's been raining cats and dogs, er, I mean frogs, here the past couple of days. I think all these down pours are supposed to be making up for the lack of rain we got this spring which led to a slightly lack luster wild flower bloom, but I still now the plants are loving it. My tomato and cucumber plants on the front porch have grown so much this week and are finally putting out some blooms. 

Rainy days are always perfect ex
cuses to stay inside and craft. I've been wiped out because of work lately, but I still managed to finish up a pair of slippers that I had tossed aside for school early this year. I really love the color of these. I had bought this yarn about a year and a half ago for a whole other project that I never got around to starting (let alone finishing). I hate to let any good yarn go to waste, so of course they became a pair of slippers. Maybe these will be a best seller because I think I have about 3 more skeins of this stuff left in the yarn closet. They should be up in the etsy store sometime tonight.

One last thing, I've uploaded new photos to my flickr account, so if anyone would like to add me I'm always looking for new friends and new photos to look at. 

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