May 23, 2008

out and about/ roommate woes

Today Andy and I ventured to a nearby nursery we'd never visited, Martha's Bloomers. It was a fun trip, but I was a bit underwhelmed and expected a bit more. They didn't really have the variety of flowers I was expected, but had a wonderful "Native to Texas" wildflower section that made me wish I had more room to plant since I'm confined to planters on the front porch in this apartment. One thing I didn't expect to find there, though, was baby doves. Not quite the cutest baby animal I have ever laid my eyes on, but who can resist a classic mom & baby picture? Awww - kind of.  The baby was actually pretty big and his feathers were starting to come, but hadn't broken out of their casings yet. Both mom and dad were pretty protective of their little birdy baby, but it's rather hard to find the coos of a dove even remotely threatening. 

There has been random disappearances of my items from the living area lately. I asked my roommate about it, asking if perhaps she had borrowed my textbooks, but was presented with a "I haven't seem them, but if I do I'll let you know." Yeah, right. This, on top of other curious behavior like the huge delay in getting me her half of this months rent (which I still haven't received) is really irking me. I'm beginning to think she took the books and sold them back to one of the stores here without my permission. Both her and her fiance have not been very pleasant roommates and this just seems to be the cherry on top of the huge crap pile of a sundae. I have the worst luck with roommates - luckily this one is leaving in August. 

At least it's a long weekend coming up! I hope everyone enjoys it.

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