Mar 28, 2007

the life of a student. pt 1

School is driving me crazy! It's so stressful right now - it just feels like I'm being pulled in every direction with day trips, projects, tests piled on tests, lab reports and practicals, and what seems like miles and miles of taxonmy to memorize. Such is the life of a junior marine biology student trying to run her own business I suppose. I spent all of last Saturday wading through freezing fresh and salt water habitats trying to net and identify fish. It was so much fun, but completely exhausting and pretty much knocked me out for the entire weekend, plus ruined my super sexy slipper modeling legs.

That's pretty much the only shot I could manage to get that didn't show a scrap or scratch. It's also the first pair of slippers I've listed for awhile because of lack of time and lack of sales (which leads to lack of inspiration). I'm very excited about this weekend, though. I get to head to Dallas and see my boyfriend's new puppy and get to forget about all the stress for just a little bit. And if anyone needs to know fish taxonomy, I'm your gal over the next couple of weeks. ;)

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