Mar 14, 2007

fluffy like cotton candy.

New Mary Jane's available in my etsy store. These I weren't able to come up with a clever name for, so they are just Mary Jane Slippers in Light Blue and Purple. I made them with a yarn I got on super sale at Hobby Lobby back when they were having a yarn blowout. There was just something about the colors mixed together that caught me - you didn't see these two colors mixed together very often. And they are so very soft and fluffy that I can't help but love them.

They fit size 7-11 (US women) and are only $16 plus shipping. You can click the picture for more information about this pair of slippers.

In other crafty news, Joann's has some great coupons this week. 50% crafts, fabric, sewing and more - plus yarn is on sale. So, use up those coupons while you still can! I'm not trying to show any crafting store preference, just pointing out when a great deal is available. Who doesn't love a deal?

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Heidi said...

Very cute!!

ShyViolet said...

Adorable! I love your slippers - they're always so cute!

A Punkin Card Company said...

Very cute shoes... I know what you mean about slow sales. I really want to add some new stuff today but I have a feeling it won't sell. I hope things turn around on etsy.

Karyn said...

I live in Canada but I get the Joann's flyers in the mail. I made a special trip to the USA this week just to use my great coupons!! he he he
I love your slippers...really cute :)

ShyViolet said...

If you want I can reserve that ACEO for you. :-)