Mar 6, 2007

it's a zoo out there!

I decided I needed something to give my lipbalm cases their own distictive look and feel, so last night while I was studying and idea came to me and I just had to create. And out popped this little monkey lipbalm case. He's the first in my planned series of animal lip balm cases. I have a couple of animals in mind that will make perfect cases but I'm always welcome to suggestions if anyone as a cute creature they'd love to see as a lip balm case. I can't wait to get some more of these made, but I have a custom order of slippers and four tests this week that I need to prepare for, so I don't know if I'll get anymore out before this weekend. Next week, however is spring break, so I'll have plenty of time to work on more animal designs and work on more great lip balm cases and of course more slippers.

2 shared a thought:

Ribbon Rock Star said...

That is the cutest lil thing!!!


Caffeinated Crafts said...

My daughter and I love this one!!!
Your lipbalm holders are awesome!