Feb 9, 2009

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Whenever I tell someone I crochet their first reaction seems to mix me up with knitters. I'm always asked if I make sweaters, socks, and other knitting cliches. I always try to explain politely that although you can make those things with crochet, it usually isn't as common as with knitting. So, of course, the next question is "What do you make with crochet, then?" While I think crochet is most commonly associated with lace, and sometimes scarves and hats, people always seem amazed that crochet can make something as fun and stylish as this: 

Crochet Hobo Purse in Robin's Egg Blue
Available at Artfire or Etsy
Crochet can make some fun things! And just because the art of crocheting goes back pretty far, doesn't mean you can't make stuff that's cool today! Crochet doesn't have to be lace doilies. It could be fun, fuzzy, mary jane slippers.
Strawberry Champagne Mary Jane Slippers
Available on Etsy
I always like to see the surprise on people's faces when they realize just how fun crochet can be and some of the great things you can make with it that aren't completely traditional. Exploring and pushing your craft to new limits is always one of the best parts of crafting to me! So get inspired and see what you can make today!

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Tracy said...

This was a fun post, B! And I just love your new blue bag--so pretty! I've been a long-time knitter, but people think I must have mastered crochet as well...I sheepishly have to say I'm still working on that--LOL! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Marvic said...

i just love ur latest bag and mary jane slippers...nice work

How to Crochet said...

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