Sep 21, 2008

busy bee.

School has really begun to pick up with lots of tests and projects taking up most of my time. On top of that I have all the preparations I've been doing to get ready for graduate school including essays, applications, letters of reference - all that fun, inconvenient things that take up way too much time.

I've got my schools narrowed down to four. 3 in California including UC San Diego (Scripps Institute of Oceanography) and one school in North Carolina that I am applying to because one of their faculty researches exactly what I've been wanting to research for years now - whales and dolphins. I think the applications are almost prepared and ready to be submitted which is very exciting. I still have to take one final GRE exam. I have one shot to do well, but it's not until November so I still have tons of time to prepare.
Sadly, though, all this busy work has taken a toll on slipper making (just in time for the Christmas rush). I'm simply renewing items that are already available in the shop to keep myself visible. I try to crochet whenever I can find a spare moment, but those are few and far between and most of the time I probably should be doing something else anyway. Like right now... I probably should be sleeping. 
I suppose that's my signal to get to bed. Hope everyone's week is lovely and cool.

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Tracy said...

Is that you & your Honey? How cute!! Best wishes with all your appilications and exams! Hope your dream do research dolphins and whales comes well as more time to crochet ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))