Sep 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike seems bent on heading my way this weekend. Classes tomorrow have been cancelled and I'm looking into what the plan is at work, also. Andy and I had planned to head to Dallas this weekend to celebrate his mom's birthday with the rest of his family, but I'm not sure how Ike will influence these plans. Many parts of the Gulf Coast south of us have been issued evacuation orders which will definitely influence traffic and then there is the weather itself. We're supposed to get tropical storm force winds tomorrow evening and loads of rain through Sunday - not ideal traveling weather.

Anyway, with this storm I'm afraid some shop related things may be put on hold. I usually don't ship on weekends, but if the weather doesn't improve over the weekend shipping could be delayed into next week. Also, I may not be around much on the internet so if anyone needs to contact me the best way is through email (endlessxhorizon AT gmail DOT com) or by etsy conversations. Foto Friday and Theme of the Week may also be postponed until next week. 
We'll do our best to stay safe and dry and I'll try to keep everyone updated as I get the time. Keep the Gulf in your thoughts and prayers! 

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Ann said...

Stay safe! As a Floridian my advice is to keep important docs near you, invest in a weather radio and have important phone numbers where you can quickly access them. I rely on the internet for so much, if it goes down, I'm lost to the world.