Dec 15, 2008

happy holidays!

I may be a little behind the curve, but I must wish you all a happy holidays. 

I have been a little lacking on updating lately because of being so busy with school and graduate school applications. Finals finished up last week and on Friday I graduated Summa cum Laude from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Biology. The weekend just flew by, but my family came down and spent the day with me. I'll have pictures of the ceremony as soon as my parents get a chance to email me.
All this busy work hasn't kept me from getting in the holiday season, though. We even had snow last Wednesday which is a rare sight down here! I, of course, took lots of pictures which I'll get around to sharing soon. I've gotten my small apartment all decorated and cozy with my little Christmas tree and all the ornaments I'd been collecting lately waiting to get a tree of my own. I leave for home on Saturday to spend the holidays with my friends and family and get a nice, worry-free break from work and school. 
I just wanted to wish everyone a cozy holiday and let you all know I am still around and kicking! Picture posts of my adventures in the past month coming very very soon.

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