Oct 1, 2008


The mornings are finally getting a little bit cooler here. Means fall must be around the corner. I say it's about time. Needless of the weather, my fall decorations have been out since mid-September. Unfortunately it's not time to bring out the long sleeves yet. 

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Jaimee said...

I just Loooove the Fall! It's my absolute favorite time of the year.
I'm a little behind though. I JUST got our decorations out of the shed yesterday. We've DEFINITELY got our longs sleeves on up here in PA. Yippee!

Waterrose said...

I love those colors and it reminds me so much of being home in Ohio...which I miss terrible right now. Good luck with the GRE and I hope you get in the school of your choice. Scripps is a fantastic school and what a lovely place to live!