Oct 10, 2008

the duchess. review.

Just got home from seeing The Duchess which opened this weekend in our theater. Since Pirates of the Caribbean I have been a fan of Keira Knightley and see most of her films if I read good things about them. It was Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice, for which Keira received an Oscar nomination that cemented her in my list of favorite actresses, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing this film after being teased by the trailer on my television for weeks now.

I enjoyed the movie, but it definitely was not one of her bests. Not because of her performance, which was absolutely great, but due to the lack of development of the different relationships within the film. Central points in this film hinge on these relationships, but I couldn't quite bring myself to feel as emotional about the happenings as I would be if the relationships with the Duchess had been better developed. Overall though it was an enjoyable, beautiful film to look at and well acted by everyone in the cast.
I hope to be able to see The Express sometime soon, but so many great movies are coming out that I want to see I just don't know if I'll have the time between school and work. Lucky for me, movie tickets aren't too expensive here, especially for students, so even with these economic woes I can still afford to steal away to the movies every once and awhile and escape. 
I'm always looking for more great movies to watch, whether in the theater or on dvd, so if any of you have a suggestion be sure to drop be a comment!

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Jaimee said...

Oh, I really want to see this if only for the scenery and costumes. I just adore Keira Knightly...I could watch Love Actually over and over.

Have you seen Atonement? THAT was a great movie. So beautiful and full of emotion. I think you'd really like it.