Jun 2, 2008

where's my good karma?

I thought the whole thing with my roommate was going to be over after I confronted her about my missing textbooks. But I guess I was wrong...

I went back to my apartment every day last week just to soothe my nerves and to check if the half of May's rent she owed me was there yet. It wasn't. It probably never will be because she doesn't talk to me, return my calls, or show any signs of acknowledging my numerous requests for it. And now she's left. I showed up to the apartment yesterday to pick up a package I was waiting for only to walk in and find everything of hers gone - which included all of the furniture in the living areas. She wasn't there herself, but her boyfriend (don't get me started on the boyfriend) was packing up the random stuff that was left. I asked him if they were going to be gone for the rest of the summer and he simply said, "Yup." 
I tried to play calm, cool, and collected as I hustled my little body down to the leasing office to immediately found out if she had paid her half of the June rent. Surprise, surprise - only my half of the rent was entered on the computer as of June 1st. Now she is not only stealing from me, but she intentionally did not pay her half of the rent when I told her I was no longer going to pay her half and she would be fully responsible for it. Now, this isn't true because both of our names are on the lease and if she doesn't pay, I'm responsible and face the consequences, but I was hoping she'd see how serious it was not to pay for her and feel a little frightened of what would happen if she didn't pay - I guess I was wrong. Or she thought if she up and left they couldn't do anything to her even though her name is on a lease until August. So, by leaving without any notice and without paying rent she has really just put my behind on the line because the lease contract my name is also on is now completely broken and if the rent is not paid they can legally evict me. 
Let's just say I'm slightly panicking, thus the slightly early morning post because I can't sleep. I'm supposed to receive a call from the office this morning about the whole thing, but I spent the afternoon researching my rights in similar situations on the web and if the manager does not decide to work with me, the only way to get myself out of this is just to chalk up her half of the rent and be $1000 in the hole. Goodbye any Disneyworld shopping... goodbye eating out... goodbye new school supplies... goodbye new haircut - for a LONG time. 
(You couldn't tell, but I just gave a very down trodden sigh.) I'm just wondering, after putting up with two weeks of rotten karma, where's my good stuff right about now?

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Tracy said...

OMG...this is awful! I'm so sorry this is happening. You're not going to have to sue your roomie, are you?! ;o) Hope not...Hope this will be resolved and you'l have the trip to see Mickey yet! ((HUGS)