Jun 8, 2008

new haircut.

I'm in Dallas until Wednesday, when Andy and I fly to Orlando (Disneyworld!). In the meantime, we're just hanging around here enjoying our time off and trying to relax a little bit after all the drama and everything that has been happening lately. So for about a week and a half there will probably be very few updates from me as I'm not crafting and just being a bit lazy. I'm still around though.

I also got a new hair cut today! Always got to look great for your trip.

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Tracy said...

So nice to see you...and LOVE the new 'do! You're right, one must look good for vacation. We're having ours soon too, so I'm off for a trim tomorrow! Glad you'll be having fun soon...forget your troubles, be happy :o) Oh, stop by my place when you can--I'm having a little gift giveaway!

PamperingBeki said...

That is sooooo cute!! I hope you have a great time on vacation and I want lots of pictures when you return. :)