Jun 24, 2008

new friends.

I found Disney World was a great place to meet new, super friends. I think Mrs. Incredible might be hitting on Andy a bit. 

I'm in a bit of a craft block right now. I'm wishing I had the skill and money to sew one of the purses in the patterns a friend of my mom's sent me. Actually, right now I'd settle for just understanding how to even use the pattern. I keep the patterns displayed by my sewing machine to try to inspire myself to try one. Some day, some day. In the mean time a pair of slippers is slowly coming to life - hopefully they'll make a new, comfy friends for someone's toesies. 

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Jaimee said...

We have a similar photo but weren't lucky enough to me Mr. Incredible. I agree though, Mrs. Incredible has a flirting tendency :)