Apr 10, 2007

easter weekend.

This past Easter weekend I had Friday off from school, so I went up to College Station to spend my (well earned) three-day weekend with Andy.

I've slowly been collecting up easy, but yummy recipes to teach myself how to cook. And since I've started cooking for the two of us I've found I really love it. Before I knew I could bake decently, but it turns out, I can also cook pretty well and it's so much fun. So this week we splurged at the grocery store and picked up some New York Strip steaks, asparagus, and other very yummy things that I cooked up for dinner for the two of us.

On Thursday, I made seasoned NY Strip Steak with roasted asparagus and pomegranate vinegarette spinach salad.

And then on Saturday I made some pizza baked spaghetti and used up the left over spinach to make another salad.

Way too much fun. I'm trying to find some super fun recipes for this weekend, so if you know of any or a site that has great recipes, let me know!

Also this weekend our little guppy died, so we went ahead and got a dwarf puffer fish from Petsmart and brought the little guy home to his new home. He's so tiny and can swim awfully fast when he wants to, so I did my best to get a picture of the little guy.

I had another green spotted puffer who wasn't a dwarf that I had named Robby-Bobby, but my roommate killed him one weekend while I was way. So in honor of Robby-Bobby we named this new little guy Baby Bobby Pops. Silly, yes, but that's us, so it fits.

It was a great weekend and I can't wait for the next one.

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Felicia said...

Sorry about your fish. This new little guy is cute!

Heidi said...

I'm happy for your new little buddy!!

And what yummy looking pictures!!! We have to cook for 4 people here, so cooking for 2 sounds lovely! Some day it will be the two of us again. :-)

A Punkin Card Company said...

You have been tagged! It's a fun little game. Tell seven random little things about yourself and tag seven other people.
Have fun!
p.s. your fish it too cute!