May 8, 2007

you say goodbye, and I say hello.

Hello again. I'm sorry I just randomly disappeared, but after Spring Break my life got really hectic with school and life and I just had to lay low online for awhile until everything settled down a bit. I didn't even really have time to do much crafting, either besides a few custom orders here and there. But finals are over in school. I've just finished out my second year of college, hopefully with straight A's and a 4.0 GPA. Also during my little "break" I found myself an apartment and roommate (my first) and a job at the USDA-ARS working with cotton and the little buggers that ail it. So I've been busy visiting apartments and doing job interviews, but now it looks like everything is in place. I move into my new apartment next Monday and I can't wait. Other than that, it's just been school and trying to have fun on the side. I'll hopefully be updating again soon with new pictures of my place and some custom order slippers I'll be working on. And hopefully some new colorful additions to my etsy shop. There's still a ton of wonderful stuff there for sale, so stop by and check it out!

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Heidi said...

Yay for your school year being over and a new apartment, and life settling down a bit. I'm in the opposite situation...the beginning of selling our house and hopefully moving soon. My etsy shop is soooo neglected!! Oh well, eventually I'll be settling into "normal" life again.

Felicia said...

Best of luck in your job hunt! :)