Apr 2, 2007

spring is here.

I took a break from my busy school schedule and went to visit Andy's (my boyfriend) new puppy in Dallas with him this weekend. I don't have pictures of the adorable yellow lab puppy (deemed Lemonbutt) because Andy's mom stole the memory card I put the pictures I took on, but hopefully I'll have them soon. However, I do have pictures from all the great wild flowers that were in bloom along the way. The pictures aren't that great because I took them from the car as we sped by, but I thought I'd share them anyway.

My favorite are the bluebonnets, the Texas state flower. We don't get them up where I'm from so it's very exciting for me to see them in bloom out in the wild. Very gorgeous. Sometimes we'd drive past these huge fields of them that just took your breath away. When we weren't driving and playing with puppies, me and Andy had a Sonic Spinball marathon on his Wii.
Here's Andy playing with my wiimote (it has sea life on it!) in his glasses from seeing Meet the Robinsons in 3-D, which was totally worth seeing because the 3-D was awesome even if the movie wasn't the greatest. "I have a big head, and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through." But anyway, we found these glasses hilarous because they were like Horn Rimmed Buddy Holly glasses. Just proves that "Heroes" is an influence in designing 3-D glasses.

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Felicia said...

New puppy pictures soon!

Jennifer said...

I thought us Yankees up here in Michigan needed sun... *looks at pale-boys arms* :D


I love dogs- I would love to see pics!!!