Apr 13, 2010

now available at NoFo

I had a meeting last week with the product manager, Kima, for a local boutique called NoFo to discuss consignment possibilities for my slippers & headbands. Well, the meeting went fabulously! I ended up leaving almost all the products I brought to show with Kima that day to be placed in the shop immediately.

That's right! You can now find my crochet accessories at NoFo at the Forum here in Wilmington. NoFo is a North Carolina based gift shop, market, and cafe with locations here in Wilmington as well as Raleigh and Charlotte. They are proud to support local artists and make a point to buy locally which is something I'm really happy to support.

My headbands go on sale immediately & I'm currently working to fill the big slipper order they placed. I'm hoping they will be finished at the end of this week and will be available early next week.

Next week will also mark my first craft show on Thursday & my start at the Carolina Beach farmer's market on Saturday. Lots & lots of crocheting going on in my part of the world.

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